Next Level Tent & Event Limited is a full-service tent rental firm located in the Greater Toronto region.  The company is 100% owner operated with over 40 years of relevant industry experience in ownership. We service events across southern Ontario, throughout Canada and across the east coast of the United States but the majority of the work is located with 250km of downtown Toronto servicing social and corporate events demanding the best possible quality and service that the industry has to offer.

Every tent structure in inventory is fully clearspan meaning there are no interior support columns, no external guy lines and all traditional vinyl wall systems are retractable. Our structures are available in 6’ wide right up to 100’ wide and expandable to virtually any length. Clearspan tent structures significantly out-perform all other available products in the tent rental market including traditional pole or tension tents and round pipe regular frame tents. The engineering behind a structure vs. traditional rental tents is far superior keeping your guests as safe as possible regardless of weather conditions. The fabric roof and wall systems are all integrated into the frame design resulting in very tight installations preventing walls and roof panels from blowing uncontrollably in high winds.

We pride ourselves in bringing the latest trends and technology to the Toronto market. We live and work in a world class city that demands the very best – from horizontal rigid glass wall systems to cassette floor systems designed and engineered to seamlessly integrate into the frame of the tent structure we continuously try to push the envelope with the latest innovations.

Our real strength is in our capabilities to tackle complicated or complex projects in the field. Whether it is extremely unleveled surfaces, rooftop installations 20 floors above ground or even installing tents in a Lake for a cottage wedding…we have the solution.

So, whether or not you are planning a small intimate gathering for a few friends or something grander in size and scale, we know Next Level Tent & Event is your perfect partner.